Advanced Barbering

5 Weeks CA$ 4,000 Advanced

Unit 3 – Advanced Barbering

Chapter 1- Power of the PH Scale
The PH Scale
Amino Acids

Chapter 2 – Perms
Changing the Chemical Structure of the Hair
Benefits of a Perm
On-Base and Off-Base
Different Methods of Perming
Brick Lay    
Straight Back
Preforming Perms Practical Practice
Practical Perm Exam Half Head
Practical Perm Exam Full Head

Chapter 3 – Keratin Treatments
Keratin Treatment Services
The Chemical Changes of a Keratin Treatment
Preforming Keratin Treatment Practical Practice
Unit 3 Exam Review
Group Discussion
Unit 3 Theoretical Exam
Keratin Exam Practical
Practical Work Full Transformation Style

Chapter 4 – Braids
Braiding the hair
Different types of braids 
Dread locks
Apprenticeship hours

MZ ACADEMY Unit 3 Curriculum Outline


Unit 3 – Advanced Barbering       


This unit talks about the advanced world of barbering. Once you have expanded your list of services in the profession, you are on route to mastering the barbering world. Understanding the pH scale and how it transforms the hair structure you will be able to perform top services in the barbershop. This will allow you to reach your peak and offer exclusive services. This unit will cover the chemical aspects of being a barbering and controlling the structure of the hair.


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