Barbering Fundamentals

2 Weeks CA$ 2,000 Advanced

Barbering Fundamentals 2 weeks 8 Days Tuesday - Friday 10 – 5 


Week 1


Day 1 : Orientation introduction to Barbers, review of equipment including mannequin, Consultation.(roleplay) Draping, shampoo scalp massage.

Day 2 : Theory for shaving on Ballon. Shave on Balloon, hair texture density natural part, head shape.

Day 3 : Theory on machines, guards comb and scissors, razor theory. Observe Barbers Q& A.

Day 4 : Demo Instructor Using Scissorsand comb on mannequin long hair cut student to do same on their mannequin.


Week 2

Day 1 : Demo on mannequin by instructor Scissors over comb / beard cut with scissors. Students to the same.

Day 2 : Demo by Instructor Classic Hair cut on Mannequin, and hair line up.Students to do the same.

Day 3 : Demo Instructor Using guard for blending hair on Mannequin. Students to do the same.

Day 4 : Demo by instructor Beardtrim and line up and shave with razoron Mannequin. Students to do the same.

MZ ACADEMY Unit 1 Curriculum Outline

Unit 1 – Barbering Fundamentals, Introduction to Barbering


Duration of course 2- 4-day weeks Tuesday – Friday $ 2000

In this course all exercises are executed on a Mannequin.
Upon completion of this course, you will advance to Intermediate Barbering 

Where all exercises are completed on live models.

•    Orientation 
•    Introduction to tools 
•    Training on choosing the appropriate tool.
•    Consultation (role play)
•    Draping, Shampooing, Scalp Massage 
•    Simulated Shaving 
•    Identifying Hair Texture, Density 
•    Head Shape 
•    Haircuts. Blending 
•    Beard Trim 
•    Razor Skills 
•    Scissor over comb skills.