Barber Case:

To pack and carry all your equipment.

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Clipper and Trimmer:

Clipper is used to cut the hair and remove the bulk.

Trimmer is used to create the outline and sculpt the perimeter of the head shape

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Clipper Guards:

Come in a set of 10 guards, from size .5 to 8. Size 8 being 1 inch and .5 measuring 1.5 millimeters. The guards are used to sculpt the hair to the desired length and blend the lengths together.

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Shears and Thinning Shears:

Shears (scissors) are used to sculpt the hair.

Thinning shears often have 38 to 50 teeth, are only used in the design when necessary, to remove the bulk and control the density of the hair.

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Neck Duster Brush:

To brush off the loose hairs from clients face and neck, after and during the service.

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Spray Bottle:

Used to wet the hair during the service.

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Barber Comb:

Used to groom the hair in the desired direction for control. Narrow end allows shears to get very close to the head.

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Wide Tooth Comb:

Helps detangle hair, allows for combing through hair at ease.

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Round Brush:

Used along the blow dryer to style the hair. Gives volume.

Round Brush


Used to separate and hold the hair in place.

Hair Clips


The hand mirror is used to show the back of the head through the main mirror for client’s approval.


Fade Brush:

The fade brush is used for finer detailing when fading the hair and designing the outline of the hair.

fade brush


The MZ ACADEMY Cape is used to protect the client’s clothing from hair and other chemicals being used during the service.

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Student Uniform:

The MZ ACADEMY student uniform will distinguish the trainees from the professionals.

MZ Student

Straight Razor:

Used to control the hair hairline and create solid perimeter lines. Uses disposable sharp blades.


Blow Dryer:

Gives off hot air to achieve desired hair style, and cold air to cool off if necessary.


Notebook and Pen:

Used to jot down information throughout practical sessions for student’s own understanding.

Notebook Pen

* All items are subject to availability

Perm End Papers

PermEnd Papers

Magnetic rollers

student kit

Perm Rods Set (120 pc 6 Sizes)

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Pin Curl Clips (60Pcs)

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Boppy Pins

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Tail Comb

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Style Comb

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Vent brush

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Denman Brush

Hairdressers academy

Round Brush & Bristle Curved Vented Hair Brush

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Hair Dye Coloring Kit

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Chemical Cape

Styling school



Dispenser for Neck Strips


Neck Strips (3 pc of 60 strips)


Flat Iron

Hair Styling academy

Curling Iron

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Professional Salon Hair Dryer

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Mannequin Head (100% Human Hair)

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Beauty Wig Stand Tripod


Scissors holder

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Professional Shears 6”


Professional Thinning Shears 6”


Thinning Texturizing Razor + 10 Replacement Blades


Notebook and Pen:

Used to jot down information throughout practical sessions for student’s own understanding.

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Barber Case:

To pack and carry all your equipment.

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* All items are subject to availability