Intermediate Barbering

4 weeks CA$ 4,000 Advanced

4 weeks 16 days Tue- Friday 10- 5


Week 1

Day 1 : Consultation Demo Live model classic cut ( with scissors )and beard trim by Instructor Q&A.

Day 2 : Review Q & A Consultation classic cut ( With Scissors ) on Live model by student Before and after pic for bio male model with 3 inches of hair required.

Day 3 : Q&A Consultation Blunt cut /Long Layered cut Demo by Instructor Live Model ? Styling introduction to Blow Dryer / Round Brush.

Day 4 : Q&A Consultation Demo Live Model using machine to demonstrate blending using guard sizes. Beard trim.Pairing with barber on the floor observe questions to be monitored by instructor.

Week 2

Day 1 : Full Haircut ,Live model fade and beard trim with a line up with a machine Demo by Instructor.

Day 2 : Q&A Haircut by student using machine and comb beard trim and line upbefore and after pic student needs model with beard.

Day 3 : Shampoo scalp massage Styling, product, blow dryer and round brush techniques Review Hair cut types / observe other barbers Q&A.

Day 4 : Live model Hair cut and beard trim to be determined by model type student required to bring model with beard.

Week 3

Day 1 : Instructor demos how to hold razor ( techniques ) Student to duplicate on balloon.

Day 2 : Q&A Consultation Beard line up using razor LiveDemo using an in house barber.

Day 3 : ConsultationFull hot towel shave Demo.

Day 4 : Consultation Hot towel shave or beard line using razor skills on live model student required to bring in model with beard.

Week 4

Day 1 : Taper skills Demo by Instructor and low fade, mid fade. High fade Live model.

Day 2 : Q&A Theory for bold fades how to start all types of fades.

Day 3 : Students required to bring model for bold fade.

Day 4 : Students required to bring model for bold fade.

MZ ACADEMY Unit 2 Curriculum Outline


Unit 2 – Intermediate Barbering 

Duration of course 4 weeks Tuesday – Friday 10am – 5pm Tuition $ 4000

In this course all exercises are executed on Live Models                               
Students are required to recruit models MZ Academy will assist where possible.

Number of male models required to complete this course is 7 males with Beard.

•    Consultation  
•    Classic Cut Machine / Scissors 
•    Blunt cut 
•    Layered Cut 
•    Shampooing, Scalp Massage Hair Styling with Blow dryer, Round Brush, Hot Tools.
•    Observation of Barbers under the guidance of Instructor Q&A
•    Hair Cut, Line Up and Fade 
•    Tapered 
•    Bald Fade 
•    Razor Skills
•    Hot Towel Shave