Our Certified Trainers/Stylists are talented and skilled professionals, trained to provide the most current and hair-healthy services and products. Our team believes in the importance of understating your professional goals, their objective is to spread beauty by giving professional beauticians to the world by sharing their knowledge and experience.

MZ ACADEMY stylists are adept at hair cutting, hair coloring, and styling. Our education also allows us to address your distinct a care and to help you be professional in this field. Each of our MZ ACADEMY team member goal to help you empowering your knowledge in this industry and provide you with hands on experience enabling you to find your dream job!



Executive Director


John Doucette holds a Master's degree in Cosmetology and is a certified Goldwell Colorist. His illustrious career includes serving as a Master Franchisor for a prominent Hair Care Franchise in Atlantic Canada, overseeing 13 salons, including 10 franchises and 3 corporate-owned establishments. He has extensive experience as a professional management consultant, where he specialized in the development of salon owners, stylists, and colorists across North America, aiding them in reaching their full potential.

A significant milestone in his career was his tenure with Empire Education, where he held the position of Director of Salon Services for an impressive network of 102 locations throughout the United States. This role enabled him to author his debut publication, "Journal to Success." Furthermore, Mr. Doucette has made notable contributions to the field of cosmetology education by authoring curriculums that have received accreditation from various educational regulatory bodies.



Training Manager


Nabil, a distinguished Master Barber with over 30 years of industry experience, is celebrated for his unwavering commitment to excellence. Recognized as one of the premier barbers in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), Nabil excels in precision techniques including scissors over comb, precision fades, tapering, and beard grooming.

As a mentor to countless barbers throughout his career, Nabil's guidance has been instrumental in their professional development. In his role as Training Manager at the MZ ACADEMY, Nabil plays a senior role in overseeing the Barbering curriculum. He is entrusted with grooming and mentoring new barbers, utilizing his expertise and nurturing demeanor to cultivate their skills and confidence.

As a dedicated Training Manager, Nabil brings forth not only his technical skills but also a nurturing personality, fostering rapid skill development and instilling confidence in his students, ensuring their success in the industry.

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